Federico Antonello

Professional Photographer

Federico Antonello is a landscape photographer, who calls the Dolomites home.

The Dolomites, to him, are a great source of inspiration. Preferring wild landscapes and nights under the stars, he is happy to organize tours for all people who are interested in seeing these beautiful places.

Occasionally he also organizes photo tours in places such as Lofoten, Iceland and other remote areas.
Federico has been awarded in many international contests and his work has been published online, in papers as well as magazines and books.

My picture ''The Snake under the Ra Gusela'' was exhibited in Berlin at Eigenheim Gallery during the Month of October 2017.
I've been included in the book ''The Great Photographers of the Dolomites vol.2'' published by Vivi Dolomiti, where I have contributed with 4 images.

Hope you enjoy my site, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me!

       My gear:

       The travel agency I use for my workshops and tours is INSAFARI.




As a general rule of biology, migratory species are less 'aggressive' than sedentary ones

- Bruce Chatwin -

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